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Amber C.
Dec 29, 2021
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Real quick, somewhat short testimony... A few years ago, my husband suffered from a perforated viscus (stomach ruptured completely open). He had to wait in the ER for 6 hours with his stomach open & poisoning his whole body before they had anyone available to do surgery. He actually passed during the operation, but they were able to revive him. He was then placed in a medically induced coma, during which he developed severe pneumonia, became septic, & developed ARDS (lungs hardened, organs started shutting down). The doctors said he probably wouldn't make it past 3 days. On the 3rd day, the priest who was now at the parish in which he grew up & went to school at, & that his family still attended, just so happened to be in the next room giving another man his last rites. My husband's brother saw him & asked him to come give my husband his last rites as well. The priest came in & gave him his last rites as well in Latin. The following morning they took him to do his morning x-ray to check & see if the condition of his lungs had changed, miraculously they were beginning to un-harden. The pulmonary doctor came in to talk to me afterwards with tears in her eyes in complete amazement. From that day on, over the course of the next month, his lungs slowly unhardened, his heart rate went down, his organs started working, & he was no longer septic. By the grace of God, with much prayer & the help of our now priest, God spared my husband's life. They told me that once he woke up from his coma & got his tracheotomy taken out, he would would have to go into a rehab center to learn to eat & walk again, probably for a couple months. After he woke up from his coma, he was out of the hospital & back home within a week. All the doctors working on him said he was a miracle. The whole situation resulted in saving our marriage (I had filed for a divorce), my conversion & him coming back to the Catholic Church which he had fallen away from. Now, with all that said, when the news of Covid came out, I began to worry. With my husband now having permanent lung damage from having had ARDS, he would be extremely high risk. To add to that, he's somewhat overweight now, & doesn't eat healthy at all. So I began researching hard, figuring out what supplements & meds he could take to help prevent him from getting Covid or, if he did get it, help him to recover without it becoming life-threatening. I have researched long & hard for the past almost 2 years now since we started hearing about it back in Feb/March 2020. After reading multiple studies & hearing other people's experiences, I figured it would be good to have some Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine (along with other things) on hand just in case. After the scare of almost losing my husband once, I am willing to try almost anything as long as there isn't any risk of other complications, or going against our moral values. I typed up a protocol with all my research with proper dosages for both my husband & I in case we were to get Covid so we would be prepared. The end of last week my husband began showing symptoms, coughing, headache, ect. A day or 2 later, he woke up with a high fever & extreme body aches & was losing his taste. We had a home test on hand, & sure enough, he tested positive. I had him start taking Ivermectin & the other meds/supplements right away, & by evening he was already starting to feel better. The following morning his fever had broke, his body aches went away, & he now has his taste back. He is 3 days in on the Ivermectin, & he is walking around the house almost like normal, feeling as though he has nothing more than a weak cold. Up until this point, I've bitten my tongue when it comes to the "protocol" because, although we've heard stories of Ivermectin working, we didn't have our own personal experiences to back it up, & we're definitely not doctors so... We did try to tell my husband's family about it a few months ago when his brother got sick, but they didn't want to listen. They felt it was wise to take the advice of the doctors, as a result, his brother lost his life. But now that we've seen how Ivermectin can work first hand, I refuse to keep my mouth shut anymore about it. Most doctors do not have the time to research things for themselves, & only do what they are told. They are told how they can treat certain things &, in the case of Ivermectin, are even told specifically that they cannot prescribe it. I'm sorry, but there is no risk of taking an anti-parasite. There is much greater risk to not take it. It is given to pregnant women & children. Please get some to have on hand for yourselves & your loved ones. I know my mother-in-law definitely did not need to lose 2 sons in the same year... God Bless you all
Amber C.
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