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Lindsey Elmore
Sep 16, 2021
In Community Discussion
This question was brought up in the comments from another post, but someone suggested making it a separate post so others could give/receive advice. What is the best way to transition from wearing lace veils to wearing solid veils? It seems solid veils are a bit difficult to find, and lace veils are easier to fasten to your hair (especially if you have kids).
Lindsey Elmore
Sep 15, 2021
In Community Discussion
I understand the rule states that we are not to use smartphones, and my husband and I are 100% on board with that. We've even purchased a couple of flip phones to activate when we're ready. Our dilema is that we are in a situation where we have to rely on our smartphones. It's not in our budget to get a computer and internet, so the only way we have to do necessary things such as pay bills, is on our smartphones. But having a smartphone is a terrible temptation to waste time and play online (or entertain the kids). I'm looking for any advice for our situation, to follow the rule and still put up with having a smartphone.
Lindsey Elmore
May 09, 2021
In Prayer Requests
Our 3rd baby, Catherine Trinity-Marie, is scheduled to be delivered via C-section on May 27th. We have a history of pre-term birth, and this will be my 3rd C-section in 3 years (My first was 2019, second was 2020), please pray that she makes it to her due date and that we have a safe and smooth delivery.
Lindsey Elmore

Lindsey Elmore

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