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Justin Stein
Dec 14, 2021
In Community Discussion
My wife and I have used various dumb phones over the last few years. Since companies have recently gotten rid of 3G phones, it has been more and more difficult to find a decent quality dumb phone. Each time we have been forced to purchase a new phone, it seems as though the quality has gone down while the price has gone up. There are a couple of options that are newer, but I have no desire to pay >$100 for any phone. We recently found Gabb wireless- a phone for kids! This phone was created for kids by someone who wanted to have a safe, first phone for children. He essentially took a smart phone body and made it dumb- there is absolutely no internet. The phone comes with pre-defined apps (messenger, camera, calendar, calculator, fm radio, music player, contacts, etc.). No browser. No maps. No fancy swipe texting. No talk-to-text. The service is $19.99/month. It costs an additional $5/month to have the ability to send picture / video messages and receive group texts. (They use the Verizon towers.) If you are looking for a good quality dumb phone that feels solid, this is a great option! You can either use a coupon code (this is what I had done) or be referred by someone to Gabb and your phone will be half off ($50 instead of $100). I have not used a smart phone in a long time; however, in my opinion, the quality of the phone is much better than the price- if that helps. Pax Christi!

Justin Stein

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