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Marian Friars Minor Third Order

" has been long and specially Our desire that everyone should, to the utmost of his power, aim at imitating St. Francis of Assisi;...We exhort Christian men not to refuse to enroll themselves in this sacred army of Jesus Christ."

What is the Third Order?

      The object of the Third Order of St. Francis is: to lead its members to Eternal Salvation by a life in conformity with the "Life and Poverty of the Most High Lord Jesus Christ, and His Most Holy Mother" in imitation of St. Francis.

   The severe want of an authentically Christian spirit, centered around Prayer and Mortification is the predominant reality of our age, even among faithful Catholics. To combat this, the Third Order form of Religious Life provides a structure and form of life conducive to the pursuit of virtue and Holiness for those out in the world, and this, without the obligation of Vows under sin. 

      The Rule of this Order is adapted to all: it takes into consideration the different circumstances and also the frailties of human life. By its observance, those of each and any secular State of Life(Married and Single Laity, as well as Diocesan Priests) are drawn in a mild but persuasive manner to the contempt of the laxity and pride of the world, to the sanctifying performance of their Christian and ordinary duties, and even the fulfillment of the teachings of the Gospel to the imitation of their Divine Master’s example. And all of this under the special guidance of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, to Whom they Consecrate themselves without reservation for the Salvation of all Souls.

We encourage you to listen to the following talk on the Third Order for a comprehensive explanation!

Below are three Papal Encyclicals in PDF Format detailing both the authentic character of St. Francis, and the nature and necessity of his Third Order. 

Rite Expiatis; encyclical of Pope Pius XI,

Auspicato Concessum; encyclical of Pope Leo XIII,

Sacra Propediem; encyclical of Pope Benedict XV,

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