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Request prayers for a particular Intention:


Dominus det tibi Suam Pacem!

Obtain the
Grace by Prayer

By request we will pray for your intention with:

  • Seven Hours of the Divine Office

  • Evening Holy Hour(Vespers, Rosary, Litany, and Eucharistic Prayers)

  • Have at least one Friar pray for your intention throughout an entire day

We will pray for your intention no matter what when you submit a request, but for those who would like a stricter right to the grace of these prayers in Justice, you are also able to make a donation by check or Paypal in connection with your request!

Donate by Check:

First:   Make check out to:

                              Friends of Marian Friars Minor


Send to:                       PO Box 1054
                      Lawrenceburg, KY 40342


Then: Email friends of Marian Friars to let them know your donation details

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