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Steven Glynn
May 26, 2021
In Community Discussion
Does anyone else struggle with meditation, at least in the traditionally structured sense? For example, I’ll set aside time for meditation and find myself skipping back and forth trying to focus on an appropriate topic between thoughts of secular obligations and thoughts of my next meal. Then in the midst of doing laundry or buying groceries I’ll practically forget where I am getting lost in thought of (for example) how the Apostles must have reacted to the Ascension. In fact, I find that the time I really have a problem meditating is during whatever time I set aside for meditation, but as long as it is not a conscious attempt, I’ll actually spend a great deal of time completely lost in thoughts of holy subjects. Also, any particularly interesting meditations? I was thinking of how to approach the topic of penance with a Protestant friend of mine when it occurred to me that only one Apostle stayed with Mary at the Cross, and that that same Apostle was the only one not martyred. Was he perhaps spared martyrdom because of the penance already done at the feet of the dying Jesus? Another thought for pondering, during Jesus’ trial before the Sanhedrin, Caiaphas rends his garment in response to what he calls the blasphemy of Jesus’ testimony. Then at Jesus’ death the veil of the Sanctuary is ripped in two from top to bottom. There are many explanations for this, such as what was hidden in the Old Covenant is now revealed in the New, but could this not also be God the Father rending His garment at the blasphemy of His Son’s murder? Thanks, I look forward to some great suggestions for focusing at particular times and some great topics to focus upon! Br. Pio of the Holy Martyrs

Steven Glynn

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