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Scott Reed
Oct 11, 2021
In Community Discussion
Ave Maria! I have a few hundred miraculous medals and holy cards left from a donation campaign I ran. The first 6 tertiaries that email me ( with their address I will mail you 50 miraculous medals, chains, plastic bags, and holy cards. They are blessed using the old rite. Please pass these out to your friends and family, especially those who are not of the faith. Once these are distributed I will set up a method for sending donations to receive more medals. The holy cards link to a website I set up for this purpose: - Br. Louis Martin of Our Lady of the Snows @Lindsey Elmore @Edward (Br. Augustine) @Alaric Bose @sr. chiara of Jesus @Amber C. @Joanna Aitken @Sr. Gertrude Margaret Mary of the Sacred Heart @Sr.Collette of the 7 Joys of Mary @Kami Dehler @Doug Croley
Free miraculous medals and holy cards content media

Scott Reed

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